club house roof

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why is the roof on the club house being replaced yet again?
universal roofing and contracting

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7/2015, my experience with universal has been a royal nightmare, from ken and jarred on down.  they are inept, irresponsible. idiots. This has been the worst experience I have ever had with a company. I am now left with a defective roof and a half ass siding job.Dealing with these people was a nightmare. I suggest if you are thinking about them run fast the other way.  Oh also the 3-5 they say on their web sight for a roof turned into three weeks without a roof and may phone calls. ter
belair homes- cypress springs

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I know that Belair homes is out of business, but recently while having my home repaired and getting rid of all the rotting wood siding.  I found out that the siding is nailed on to the roof braces and that there is no wood under neath.  No wonder these homes are so drafty. But would any one know if there is any thing that can be done How did these homes pass inspection in the first place, when they were never build correctly? Can we go after Orange County or anything, I see this as a c
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