Access to Facilities

Posted by Linda Miller on Tuesday, April 21, 2015 1:04:00 PM

Hooray, the pool is open!! Finally! But I have another concern after talking to EPM.

Does anyone think it's disconcerting that there is automatic access to our facilities to anyone who wants to walk in? Especially with all the time and money put in to fix up the Clubhouse, pool, and tennis courts. I have been told that until the cards are mailed out to residents, the gates are automatically opened every day until closing time. Isn't this inviting trouble? And why weren't the cards already in our hands by the time the work was done? We've only been waiting since Labor Day. As of today, the management people couldn't tell me when we would get the card.

I hope our company is a bit more on their toes than this makes it seem. It would be nice to get some communication keeping us all informed as things progress, at least those of us who have submitted an email. I am the first to admit I need to get back in the habit of attending Board Meetings and now Monday nights for me are a little more free. But I am disappointed in the lack of current information that shows up on this website or goes out via email.

Looking forward to using those beautiful facilities and hope we can keep them intact this time!

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